Extra Wide Power Wheelchair

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This power chair is specially engineered for patients who weight between 250 lbs and 410 lbs. Extra heavy duty frame with powerful electric system provide safety and durability for everyday use. High performance motors and programmable controller are specially designed for reliability. Utilize two 48 amp sealed batteries model number E802. (Batteries  not included in purchase price) Can be shipped UPS

Model No. Description Weight limits weight w/o front rigging Price
2500 22" Jr. extra wide w/Standard footrests 310 LBS 106 LBS $4950
2500E 22" Jr. extra wide w/Elevated leg rests 310 LBS 106 LBS $5010
2500X 24" Sr. extra wide w/Standard footrests 360 LBS 109 LBS $5920
2500XE 24" Sr. extra wide w/Elevated leg rests 360 LBS 109 LBS $5980
2500Y 26" Super extra wide w/Standard footrests 410 LBS 112 LBS $6590
2500YE 26" Super extra wide w/Elevated leg rests 410 LBS 112 LBS $6650



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